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Barcelona Gourmet 


Our Story

      "Barcelona Gourmet was born during difficult times. Everyone said that starting a business during the pandemic was too risky. We believed in what we wanted and we went for it. We are a small family business that wanted to bring traditional gourmet food to the Danforth from Spain and Latin America. This combination was created due to our family heritage; Spanish married to Mexican. Both cultures are beautiful and the combination is unexpected but the food complements each other extremely well. We knew that a restaurant was not a good idea at the moment. Therefore we decided to be a small grocery-type gourmet store that also has traditional food for takeouts such as Paella and Tamales - and we thank everyone who has supported us. Once this pandemic is behind us we can all recover strong and continue to be a united community that protects and supports small businesses like ours. Hopefully, we can become an inspiration to others to show that when one adapts and believes in their dreams they can achieve anything."


A Taste Of Spain On The Heart Of Danforth

Spanish food such as traditional tapas and paella. Pastries such as cheesecakes, pastel de tres leches, rustic gelatin with art, cake with crema Catalana, artisan pastries, and lots more. Many Traditional Spanish products and in store.

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